What's all this, then?

Thanks for asking!

There is no condition like the human condition, and I'm here for it!

My formal training includes:

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

200-hour Certificate of Completion in Yoga Instruction

750-hour Certificate of Completion in Massage Therapy

100-hour Certificate of Completion in Hypnosis

Certificate of Completion in HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education

DONA International training for Birth Doula Certification

CAPPA training for Postpartum Doula Certification

Over the years, I have met some really wonderful practitioners and subject matter experts who have informed how I approach my work. I stay in contact with them as resources, and some of them appear on Season Two of the Ten with Yinh Podcast.

My work can include ten minutes of specialized meditation, ten sessions of therapeutic massage, or childbirth preparation, or postpartum assistance. 

My labors of love include being a mom to my own beautiful family, listening to and playing some sweet tunes, and co-hosting a super-fun horror movie podcast with friends.